Alan Berkson



Among the tens of thousands of images I have produced is a trove of those taken in Europe on many meaningful vacations.  There is where I was able to expand my vision for architecture, for cultural signposts and for street photography.  Some of the most enjoyable for me was to examine the art museums, for there I felt at home and connected to that world where I could be a student as well as a creator of art.  And each venue I encountered provided more fare for my ever-growing appetite for those items that prove both life affirming and beautiful.  

These images seem to express antithetical concepts to a documentary style that I may enjoy but do not seek to record.  An occasional documentary visual may appear, but that is purely accidental.  Mostly I wish to record beauty, though images are fleeting, these are certainly captured.  This type of photography seems to be the most comfortable way to accomplish what I desire. 
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