Alan Berkson


This body of work, called ‘Center Stage’ is actually a revelation to me.  I know that as I travel the world [near and far] with camera in hand I am but just one of millions of covert street photographers.  Glance here, turn there, not ever setting up any particular scenario. I noted that most of the images I previsualize [probably from enjoying other artists] are ones where I like my subject in or quite near the center of the image.  In fact, I may crop an image to center the subject. 

I know this goes against many common rules of finding a compelling area of interest away from the center, but it works for me, and as I have now noted, from many of my influences.  I am looking for it most of the time, and when it does not appear, I am forced to move a subject to a non-centered image as it may still convey a meaningful story.
That is not this story, and “Center Stage’” is just right for this output.
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