Alan Berkson

Eyes open, focused vision, in the moment; I love photography! Even in a busy life there are ample opportunities to photograph. In fact, nearly every instant affords this opportunity, whether it is in thoughtful contemplation, in carefully planned environments, in split-second decisions, even accidentally. As a photographer I wish to only capture a moment, in the spectrum of all moments that exist simultaneously, and hope that there are all those miracles of artistic creation to meld together. These certainly include the actual scene in front me, but may have conspired to have added drama due to lighting, cropping in the viewfinder, the technical details of camera settings, film type [or sensor] and countless vagaries of that moment.
I now have an opportunity to present my own endeavors, inspired in all cases by the proximity of a camera and my fleeting vision. Just slices of my life captured for my perusal and then presented as an expression of my particular artistic nature. These have become a mixture of scenes, some devoid of human personality, glimpses of things noticed by many others who also have their own passing visions. And some of my newer images are culled from past and present in color and full of humanity.  I am quite aware that all images are transitory and that photography offers a way to revisit my own experiences in time, and, of course, to share.

I would love any feedback that viewers would care to offer. 

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