Alan Berkson

The images I present are based on the concept of 'om', the syllable that includes past, present and future, the breath of creation, the oneness that transcends any barrier of age and culture.  The sound is universal both within and beyond our perception, as are my images, and subject only to the viewer's interpretation. 

I am a periodontist [a dental specialist in treating gum disease and placing dental implants] and came to photography in 1975 when as a graduate student I was required to buy a 35 mm SLR to photograph my patients and the work I performed.

And I am a city boy, born there and raised in various environs, but always looking to the city street and ‘up’ [sometimes ‘down’, occasionally ‘in’] when available, and the ‘wherever’ the rest of the time.  The joy I get is in the work - either the concept or the spontaneous capture, and again in the viewing [film takes a while, perusing digital images later on a computer screen], and yet again in the scanning, the editing, the printing, the viewing, the reprinting, the sharing.

It is the trust that the image itself is the guide to understanding and feeling that has allowed me to utilize a hybrid approach to photography, and I am quite happy that it is available. I just hope that you have some joy in examining and perhaps immersing yourself in the images I present whether it is on this site, or in your home or office.

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